Plastering, Drywall, Painting, dryvit and stucco.

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                     LINEHAN & SONS   Family owned and operated since 1985  !!!!!  

       We are family owned and operated. We have been in this business for decades. My father was a painter and plasterer as well as my son! I have had over 35yrs of experience of everything from painting million dollar homes to replicating a plaster mold from the year? !!!! Our motto is " Whatever it takes to get the job done". We enjoy having a good laugh while working hard to give the customer the best job they have ever seen !!!!! Great rates for winter months. just contact us through email @ or or visit our Facebook page




                                                  LEAD CERTIFIED

We are lead certified by the state of Indiana to Safely remove and dispose of materials that are lead based such as paints and plaster. Certificate copies are availible at the customer's request.